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​Action in the Age of Trump
​We must fight bigotry and nationalism in America. But where do we start? This brief e-collection of ideas will serve as a starting-off point, should you need one. All profits to the ACLU!​

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TREXIT: Americans Fleeing the US Talk About How and Why

Trump won. And now Americans are leaving. Who are they? How will they do it? And why are they leaving? This brief collection of interviews is a fascinating snapshot of what many Americans are thinking and feeling. 

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How to Survive the Holidays

(Without Hating Yourself!)

Neurotic Dad

Hate the holidays? You’re not alone! Every year millions of Americans (and Canadians!) dread the season. Neurotic Dad has a few ideas to help you through.

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Only the Trying: Or, How to Live After Not Quite Dying

Bryan VanDyke
Family, health, work. What do you when everything falls apart? In this heartfelt personal essay, VanDyke chronicles the worst year of his life with wit and insight.


9 Juicy Weeks
to a Wonderfully
​Imperfect First Draft

Brooke Berman

The first draft is the hardest part. Let Brooke Berman help make the process a less painful and maybe even kind of fun. Never fear the blank page again!​Learn character, plot, setting & more! 


15, Actors, 20 Years:
Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre
Todd London

The fascinating professional biography of a gifted group — and a meditation on what it means to be an American theatre artist. Foreword by Robert Brustein. 


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