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How to Survive the Holidays

(Without Hating Yourself!)

Hate the holidays? You’re not alone! Every year millions of Americans (and Canadians!) dread the season. Here’s the good news. Award-winning parenting blogger Neurotic Dad has a few ideas to help you survive the least wonderful time of the year.

​• How to deal with holiday singleton loneliness
• How to deal with your horrible family
• How to get that holiday treat feeling without gaining 20 lbs
• How to give your kids a great Christmas without going overboard
• How to get over the miserable holidays of your past
• And more!

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Only the Trying:

Or, How to Live After Not Quite Dying

Bryan VanDyke
Family, health, work. What do you when everything falls apart? In the same year, Bryan VanDyke lost his job and his health — not to mention the terrifying sudden illness of his young son. In this personal essay, VanDyke chronicles the worst year of his life with wit and insight.


9 Juicy Weeks to a Wonderfully Imperfect First Draft

Brooke Berman

The first draft is the hardest part. But award-winning wrier Brooke Berman can help make the process a less painful — and maybe even kind of fun. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop interesting, believable characters
  • How to find the perfect setting
  • How to find the conflict that will drive the story
  • How to never again fear the blank page
  • And how to put all this great stuff together into your first draft

Let Brooke Berman guide you to that amazing feeling of accomplishment. 

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15, Actors, 20 Years:
Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre
by Todd London

​​In 1995, young arts journalist Todd London was blown away by the talent-packed graduating class of Harvard's ART. London wrote about their first difficult year as professional actors in New York City. In 2015, London found out what became of these exceptional artists. Who’s still acting? Who quit? And what does “making it” even mean? Todd London's first e-book, 15 Actors, 20 Years is the fascinating professional biography of a gifted group — and a meditation on what it means to be an American theatre artist. Foreword by Robert Brustein. 

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