10,000 Crappy Songs & Other Tales of Detection

Dan Bern

Includes 22 non-crappy songs! LA has a new PI: a discouraged songwriter looking to put his 10,000 crappy songs behind him. Solving cases will luck, donuts and his old Gibson. Acclaimed songwriter Dan Bern’s second novel is a fun twist on LA noir. $9.99.

A deadpan masterpiece. I read it in one sitting and laughed for a week.” — Steve Almond   

Around and About Leslie: A Story

Joshua Furst

Leslie is the only African-American kid in school, Dustin the only Jewish kid. When their teacher reveals her own bigotry, Dustin's parents try to rectify the situation, but end up making the situation much worse. A darkly humorous story of prejudice and passivity. $1.99

Mike Heppner​

Professor Munch, a cranky widower, wants to live out his days in peace. But his middle-aged daughter has returned with her ludicrously diffident boyfriend, and they keep having loud sex. A disturbing, funny, penetrating novella. $2.99

Death & Buses: A Twisted Love Story 

Amber Benson

Hannah has delusions of grandeur, Liam delusions of adequacy. When they get together, sparks fly, as well as bodily fluids. In this dark, sexy, wickedly funny novella, Amber Benson lets it rip. $4.99

The Complete Letters of M. Blanc
Dan Friedman​

A fixture in postwar Paris, M. Blanc left only these letters behind, literary shadows thrown by the greatest writer who never wrote. An epistolary novella with echoes of Borges and a Nabokovian flair. $2.99

Frade Killed Ellen
Alex Kudera

Frade is a famous writer. Ellen is desperate to land a Great Man. Alan hates Frade and wants his Ellen to get her act together. A dark, funny novella about the corrosive effects of other people’s success. $2.99

Uggs for Gaza (and Other Stories)
Gordon Haber​

​“Gordon Haber writes with the poignancy and wit of a 21st-century Malamud." — Peter Manseau. 

Eight powerful stories about young (and not-so-young) men grappling with the two great questions of adult life: love and money. ​

Dutch Kills Press.

What Possessed Us?
David Samuel Levinson

Bernadette used to love Colin. And now Colin wonders why he ever let her go. Imagine Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” with a sense of humor, and a diminutive Australian named Boris. $1.99.

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