Uggs for Gaza

(and Other Stories)
Gordon Haber

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“Jason Antoon is funny as hell.” — Topher Grace 
“Antoon makes the rest of us writers cringe with envy." — Kevin Pollak 

Dr. Ken Brickman writes more than prescriptions! Antoon’s fables are like the classics except funnier and nobody learns anything. Grown-ups will love these weird and wonderful tales of pickpockets, philanderers and priapic politicians. 

Gordon Haber writes with the poignancy and wit of a 21st-century Malamud." — Peter Manseau

Eight powerful stories about young (and not-so-young) men grappling with the two great questions of adult life: love and money. ​

Dutch Kills Press.

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The Cursed Frog & Other Modern
Fairy Tales ​for Grown-Ups

Jason Antoon